Click here to download PointerServer (PointerServer3.zip)

        (Version 3.0  posted 10/26/16)

remote for Powerpoint and keynote

Instructions (also available on the settings panel of the App):

    Pointer can be used in two modes: by dragging on the screen or through acceleration (orientation). Acceleration mode does not work using the same motions as a real laser pointer, but through some practice, the pointer can be controlled. If the iPhone is pointed at the screen, the key movements are tilting right or left (not pointing) and by pointing up or down.

    Boxes or ovals can be drawn on the screen using two fingers. There are two toggle switches: box/oval and pointer/cursor/pen. Cursor mode allows limited control of the mouse pointer along with a click button.

    If the pointer does not appear when an external display is connected, the pointer can be switched to the other display using the Preferences Panel on PointerServer. Please test the actual configuration extensively before considering using Pointer for any important presentation!

    Slide notes can be extracted from presentation files and shown on the iPhone. On the PointerServer preferences panel, there is a check box for whether to show notes on the iPhone.

    A custom pointer image can be used by dragging the image to the user supplied icon button on the PointerServer Preferences panel.

Current Users: Please download the new version (3.0) of PointerServer

The previous PointerServer only partially works with the updated version (3.0) of the Pointer App.


        Mac OS 10.7 or higher, WiFi network (local or create computer-to-computer network)

          PowerPoint or Keynote

A beta version of PointerServer for Windows (requires Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Vista, or Windows 7) is available for testing (feedback welcome): PointerServerForWindows.zip

Support information:

    email address for any problems: zentropysoftware at gmail.com

If the unlikely event that version 2.0 of PointerServer causes you new problems, here are the obsolete versions:

   version 1.0:OldPointerServerV1.0.zip

   version 1.1:OldPointerServerV1.1.zip

   version 1.1.1:OldPointerServerV1.1.1.zip